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As a lucky owner of a Canon EOS 350d DSLR, which has by the way good astronomical imaging capabilities, I really like it's possebility to connect an external shutter control with a standart 2.5mm stereo jack connector. Many thank's to canon's great developers and product managers for this wise decision! This will also work on Canon EOS 400d.

On that picture you see how to connect the contacts for focusing and shutter. For long exposure images it's good to have a switch together with a button. As long as the switch is closed, the shutter stays open. The wiring is very simple and easy to do. The buttons and the switch can be mounted into a small housing too.

According to the schematics above it's also possible to build other equippment like traps and triggers for special purposes.

Due to the camera's low pass filter it's not possible to have a lot of fast signals.

This instruction is made like it is. Rebuild is done at your risk! The Autor does not take over any responsability!
If you do not want to rebuild the remote control you can buy the original part by canon. The corresponding type is RS60E3.

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